AngularJS Directives

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Learn AngularJS step by step.Estimated learning time 3 hrs

AngularJS Introduction
TUTORIAL 1 | 15 min.

AngularJS Introduction

Say Hello to AngularJS! Create your first AngularJS App.
AngularJS Directives
TUTORIAL 2 | 15 min.


Learn how to interact with HTML elements.
AngularJS Modules
TUTORIAL 3 | 15 min.


Learn the method of putting AngularJS code separate and used in specific manner.
AngularJS Controllers
TUTORIAL 4 | 45 min.


Learn to convert static HTML pages into functional by creating and attaching Controllers.
AngularJS Custom Directives
TUTORIAL 5 | 15 min.

Custom Directives

Learn to create custom directives and used it anywhere in HTML.
AngularJS Directive Controller
TUTORIAL 6 | 30 min.

Directive Controllers

Learn how to create mighty directive controllers with it's own function and events.
AngularJS Filters
TUTORIAL 7 | 15 min.

Filters Part 1 - Built-in Filters

Learn to format objects like strings, numbers, currency and date in HTML.
AngularJS Custom Filters
TUTORIAL 8 | 15 min.

Filters Part 2 - Custom Filters

Create your own custom filters in AngularJS to achieve additional functionality like sum, count or unique.
AngularJS HTTP Services
TUTORIAL 9 | 15 min.

Using $http Services

Learn how to retrieve and merge real world data in your HTML pages through HTTP service API.

Best practice

Take some time to type the code yourself. And run to see the output.

How to run and test output?

Node.js and http-server npm is good to run and test the AngularJS projects output. It is very easy to setup the environment.

Just check out here - Install Node http-server npm

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